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At Bearcat, we leverage our 20 years of experience in guiding hockey players to advance their careers from midget to juniors, juniors to higher-level juniors, or juniors to collegiate hockey. Our advising packages are tailored to meet the unique needs of each player, providing specialized support, exposure, and guidance to help achieve your goals in the hockey landscape.


Package 1: Junior Team Placement - $1,795 + $85 Admin Fee

Designed for players looking to make the crucial step from midget or high school hockey into juniors or changing junior teams. This package focuses on finding the right junior team that matches a player's skill set, aspirations, and development needs. With our comprehensive network and expertise, we ensure a placement that offers the best pathway for growth and exposure. The package includes:

  • Personalized assessment and profiling
  • Team matching and placement services
  • Registration and admin handling
  • Initial advisory session to outline career pathways


Package 2: Comprehensive Career Advancement - $3,500 + $85 Admin Fee

Our middle-tier package is created for determined athletes aiming for a significant push in their hockey career. Whether the goal is to elevate from junior to higher-level juniors or make that successful leap to collegiate hockey, this package provides an all-encompassing approach to reach those ambitions. It includes:

  • Everything from Package 1
  • Detailed game review and feedback sessions
  • Strategic planning meetings for career progression
  • Enhanced exposure to collegiate and higher-level junior teams
  • Ongoing support and monitoring throughout the season


Package 3: Elite Athlete Management - $5,000 + $85 Admin Fee

The pinnacle of our advising services, this premium package offers extensive support and resources for the serious athlete targeting the highest levels of junior or college hockey. Including everything in the previous packages, it adds a personalized touch with direct involvement from our lead advisor, James, and comprehensive branding and marketing support. This package features:

  • James' attendance at key games for live evaluation and support
  • Personalized game review and detailed performance enhancement plans
  • Social media plan and management to build your personal athlete brand.
  • Direct liaison with teams and colleges for scholarship opportunities and placements
  • Quarterly review and planning sessions to adapt and refine strategies.



Please direct questions to:

James Ryerse